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Games and food, Makes you feel good


Are you struggling with breaking bad habits? Are you dreaming about a world where –

  1. People are not only buying quality phones but buying some quality time.
  2. People giving eye contact while talking instead of concentrating in mobile.
  3. No obesity due to computer work.
  4. No sight problem for those long, never ending online games
  5. Childrens are indulged in outdoor games
  6. People not isolated from friends and family.
  7. Food and fun going together under one roof.

Then “Poolcafe” started taking the baby steps towards making this world.

Most of us, no matter young or old, socializing over the internet through social networks rather than actually meeting physically. We have became too busy to allocate time for our friends or family. The world is shrinking, technologies have impacted us a lot. Our best friends became our distant friends and our distant friends became a faint memory. Life moves on while our memories of our friends begin to fade away.
Lets decrease these communication gap and start socializing with people physically. Rather than spending hours on online games lets play outside to stimulate the senses.

Poolcafe bring you games and food together. Come forward to engage yourself with various lucious cuisines and physical activities.

Eat smart and play hard. Meet new people, cultivate quality connections. There’s a Mexican saying: “Show me who you’re with, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Pool Cafe, ” Games and food, Makes you feel good”